“Alfred was whirring again but his buzzing song was torture for the brain. The investigator was sprawled under cheap stars. He tried to get up. Energy, smells, otherworldly entities, his ribs were immediately used as a punching ball by a demon from the depths of Hell. He begged for mercy to a pair of very excited legs and promptly received a kick to the groin. A lightning bolt tore his temples in half. The demon was shrieking in Chinese. The gist: better to leave the Lin family alone or everything would end in a blood bath. And for good measure, a last kick in the head. Leong flowed back to a muddy country”.
Note from the publisher: Dominique Sylvain, with the inimitable talent that we appreciate in her novels (Editions Viviane Hamy), offers us a delicious fortune cookie while introducing a brand new character in the black novel’s bestiary: a mosquito.


Publisher: Editions sKa (eBook),, ASIN: B00EO5KM4G

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