Dirty War

Lola and Ingrid reunite for a much more personal investigation in this thriller featuring corruption and intrigue in North Africa.
A lawyer who specialises in French-African relations is found brutally murdered after suffering ‘the torture of Father Lebrun’ – a burning tyre is placed around his neck until he suffocates.

The case is already explosive because of its connections to high-profile members of the Franco-African arms trade. But for Lola Jost, the case has a darker resonance – her much-loved assistant, a mixed race policeman named Toussaint Kidjo, was murdered in the same manner five years before – a crime that was never solved.

Weaving in our favourite larger-than-life characters from The Dark Angel, this is a far darker story, as Lola and Ingrid become embroiled in a case that draws attention from all the wrong quarters.

Ingrid and Lola # 5
MacLehose Press (6 Oct. 2016)
ISBN-10: 1780876068


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