The Dark Angel

On the one hand, there’s Lola. A grumpy retired policewoman who cannot get by without her two best friends: red wine and jigsaw puzzles. On the other, there’s Ingrid, an American in love with Paris. By day she gives the best massages in the city, and her long nights are wilder still…

Their paths might not have crossed were it not for the murder of a young neighbour. Vanessa Ringer’s body is found in the flat she shared with two schoolfriends, mutilated in the most cruel and unusual manner.

Suspicion falls on Maxime Duchamp, a charming restaurateur whose suave exterior hides a tragic past. Convinced of his innocence, Lola and Ingrid hit the streets to unmask the real killer.

Meanwhile, lying low, the victim’s spurned lover, a high-stakes thief with one last heist to go, is plotting his revenge. His inner demon, the Dark Angel, has foreshadowed all…

Ingrid and Lola # 1
MacLehose Press (5 Dec. 2013)
ISBN-10: 0857052136



Dominique Sylvain’s thriller has the usual twists and turns – and the obligatory dead body – expected of a crime novel. But what sets this typical piece apart from the others is the sleuths out to unmask the killer … The writing is superb.
Philip Robinson, The Irish Examiner

An echo of Chandler’s gallant, world-weary Philip Marlowe … Sylvain successfully weaves a spider’s web of unexplained events, suspicions and compelling motivations’ Glasgow Herald.
Glasgow Herald

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