Guerre sale (Dirty War)

Florian Vidal, a lawyer specializing in arms dealing, has been killed in an atrocious manner: burned alive near a swimming pool, a flaming tire around his neck. Vidal was the protégé of Richard Gratien, the top negotiator in the lucrative Franco-African business field. Five years earlier, Lola Jost’ assistant – a Franco-Congolese named Toussaint Kidjo – had been murdered in the exact same way. The crime was never solved and a traumatised Lola had quit her job before her retirement. Now, the ex-superintendent and her American friend Ingrid know that the link between the two cases is obvious. However, with political and financial interests at stake, they must tread carefully. They have no choice but to work with Sacha Duguin, newly appointed chief inspector at “la Crim’”, the famous Parisian crime squad.


Best French Crime Novel 2011 (LIRE magazine)
Prix Orange du roman noir 2011
Publishers: Editions Viviane Hamy (hardback) ISBN-10: 287858340X
Editions Points (paperback), ISBN-10: 275783021X, March 2014

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