L’archange du chaos

Franka Kehlmann tracks a serial killer who takes his victims through the Gehenna of their worst nightmares.

Franka Kehlmann started out with a shining career in finance. When she joins the world of crime there is nothing to predict that she will find her place in Commandant Carat’s section. As a protégé of Chief Superintendent Christine Santini, she will have to prove herself in the field.

The martyred body of a nurse is found in a Parisian warehouse : the victim has been chained up and tortured to death, adn her tongue torn out. But the killer has carefully prepared and laid out the body post-mortem. The torturer’s obsessive profile suggests he will not stop there…

mp Archange du chaos- dos18(2).indd

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  1. BOUSCARLE says:

    J’ai lu tous les libres de Dominique Sylvain.
    Mes préférés sont ceux avec Lola et Ingrid.
    J’espère que d’autres romans arriveront avec ces 2 personnages, à mon avis les meilleurs.L’archange du chaos évidemment bien écrit, bien construit, suspense jusqu’au bout. Mais je n’ai as trop apprécié la violence répétée.

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