Le Roi Lézard (The Lizard King)

Louise Morvan is obsessed with her goal to avenge her uncle, Julian Eden, a British expatriate shot to death twenty years ago in Paris. She inherited his detective agency as well as his strong character. This elusive man about town used to associate himself with the artist underworld. Amongst them, the famous Lizard King, Jim Morrison himself. Louise’s lover, superintendent Serge Clémenti, works the “Riverbank killer” case but will help her anyway. Louise will rediscover the Swinging, crazy Paris of the psychedelic 70’s. Waking demons from the past will have consequences…


Louise Morvan # 7
Publishers: Editions Viviane Hamy (hardback), ISBN: 9782878585117
Editions Points (paperback), ISBN-10: 2757811932

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