(Français) UNE FEMME DE RÊVE en librairie le 16 janvier 2020

The body of the Parisian crime squad top dog is discovered in Abidjan, on a construction site. The chief superintendent has been shot with Sacha Duguin’s service weapon. The young police chief inspector claims his innocence, but captain Hardy of Internal Affairs is convinced he is guilty. Lola gets out of her depression to find proof that Sacha isn’t the killer. Meanwhile, Ingrid, Sacha’s ex-lover, comes back from Vegas to help Lola. The investigation soon turns into a chase throughout Europe, Africa and Asia. Mars fled to Africa with one of Richard Gratien’s notebooks in which “Mister Africa”, the number one negotiator for the French State, used to write down all the gory details of the arms market. Was Mars killed over this coveted source of information? Who would most benefit from having Sacha indicted? Ingrid and Lola will risk everything to uncover the truth.


Ingrid and Lola # 6
Publisher: Editions Viviane Hamy (hardback), ISBN-10: 2878585925

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