Parfums d’été (The Fragrances of Summer)

Garance used to dream of becoming a perfumer and creating mesmerizing scents. Instead, she became a private detective. That said, she has kept a flair for investigations, even the foulest ones. An apparently uneventful inquest leads her to a crime and a manhunt. Is the fugitive the real murderer? Garance is always on the innocents’ side, especially if they are charming and release a stunning waft of licorice.
This series of thirteen short stories reunites some of the best contemporary French crime writers. Their stories about holidays and travel are wondrous, frightening and funny. They are illustrated by leading cartoonists.


Les petits polars du Monde
Illustrated by Lorenzo Mattotti
Published by “La Société éditrice du Monde”, ISBN-10: 2751223680

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