Paris, rive chaude (The Hot Bank of Paris)

« The rather skinny body was lying on a stainless steel table in the Forensic Institute, Mazas plaza, 12th district. The voice of the medical examiner’s assistant was echoed in the amphitheatre. He had just said that, in the past, Elisabeth Chappe underwent adenoidectomy and was afflicted by anaemia and a slight decalcification. Martine Lewine had two visions running simultaneously inside her mind: an image of woman wearing a linen suit, a pearl necklace, a black handbag and a can of mace; another one of a sallow and emaciated body. The short hair was the only link between the two. »


« Scato blues » (Lavatory Blues)
Publisher: Editions Autrement, ISBN-10: 2862609714
Other stories from Hélène G. Couturier, Sylvie Granotier, Anne Matalon, Nadine Monfils and Chantal Pelletier

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