Régals du Japon et d’ailleurs (Delicacies from Japan and Other Places)

Note from the publisher: “A text decidedly focused on Far Eastern exoticism. Dominique Sylvain knows wisely how to make the link between distant treasures (sushi, sashimi, red bean pastries, glorious soups, invigorating rice wines) and the Gourmet memories of her French childhood. With her superb talent for written dialogs, she wittily invites us to her lively table. Some of her novels’ characters surreptitiously join the feast while Sylvain dreams in Foodland and plays with the music of the gastronomic vocabulary. Connoisseur of Japan where she lived many years, Sylvain forgets the exotic clichés in order to tell us unique tales about simple pleasures or sophisticated treats. Also, she leads us to Africa and towards unrated places such as some Singaporean kitchens or Indonesian islands”.


Publisher: NIL, ISBN-10: 2841113868

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