Shadows and Sun

Lola Jost is busy fending off boredom with a jigsaw puzzle when she hears the news. Arnaud Mars – a disgraced police divisionnaire on the run after a seismic defence contracts scandal – has been found dead in Abidjan in the Ivory Coast. The gun that killed him belongs to Commandant Sacha Duguin, a former colleague of Lola’s.

Convinced of Duguin’s innocence, Lola throws off her torpor. Together with her occasional partner in crime fighting Ingrid Diesel, she embarks on a quest to clear her old friend’s name.

Faced by a shadowy adversary determined to keep its past crimes under wraps, Lola and Ingrid must travel as far as Abidjan and Hong Kong to uncover the truth behind their most dangerous case to date.

MacLehose Press (6 Oct. 2016)
ISBN-10: 1780876084



There is an echo of Chandler’s gallant, world-weary Philip Marlowe in grumpy former police commissioner Lola Jost . . . There is also a strong flavour of Simenon in the way she evokes Paris through the inviting fug of its glowing cafés, after-hours clubs and shady denizens with guilty secrets they are reluctant to share.
Glasgow Herald

Dominique Sylvain is not just a careful writer, she also knows exactly how to construct a complex, intricately plotted story.
Christine Ferniot, Télérama

Dominique Sylvain regularly updates us on her unlikely duo through crime novels full of sound and fury . . . Once again, Sylvain explores murky foreign affairs that breed corruption closer to home.
Yann Plougastel, M le Magazine du Monde

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