Techno Bobo (Techno Qualm)

Normandy. During a techno rave on a private property, witnesses have seen two young women jump together from a cliff. The autopsy reveals that Katia Pachenko and Véronique Etienne swallowed a mixture of ecstasy and ketamine. For the local police, it’s an obvious case of suicide.
Paris. A young and unidentified Asian woman is found slaughtered, with her face melted by acid. Thirty tablets of ecstasy are hidden in her belt buckle. Lieutenants N’Diop and Argenson believe this is more than just a coincidence and try to convince superintendent Clémenti to reopen the Pachenko/Etienne case, in vain. A friend of Katia, convinced that she was not suicidal, hires Louise Morvan to find the truth.


Louise Morvan # 4
Publisher: Editions Viviane Hamy (hardback), ISBN: 9782878581089

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