Travestis (Transvestites)

Paris, August 1979: Julian Eden, a private investigator, is shot dead in his building’s parking lot. The case remains unsolved. Eighteen years later, the intense and obstinate Louise Morvan, heiress of the Eden Agency, is determined to find his uncle’s killer. The police superintendent Clémenti offers her the first clue. He has tracked down the cop who was in charge of the investigation before being transferred. Louise’s lonely quest starts in Strasbourg while, in Paris, Clémenti must find the “Riverbank Killer” who terrifies the city by slaughtering homeless men near the Seine River.


Louise Morvan # 2
Publishers: Editions Viviane Hamy (hardback), ISBN-10: 2878580958
J’ai Lu Policier (paperback), ISBN-10: 2290349410

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